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for merchants.

Offer a flexible way to pay for critical goods & services to help community members advance their lives.
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Reach your hardest-
to-serve members

Samaritan is an engagement platform that gives your hardest-to-serve members the social and financial support they need to take capable steps forward.

Deploy Samaritan to…

Give patients the strength & capaity to engage the community resources you refer them to

Provide the social and financial support needed to overcome barriers along the way

see a >10% reduction in ED visits and length of stay through addressed social needs

Improve hospital throughput and morale for your physicians and staff

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help your members stabilize into social and physical homes




measurably improve
SDOH quality ratings

restore quality of life
and reduce need for emergency care



reach categorical,
life-changing outcomes

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reductions in need
for emergency care

Hear the words
of our member alumni

In this unprecedented time, two things
have never been more important…

1 — Helping vulnerable populations find safe housing.

2 — Using our limited medical capacity efficiently.

Your Medicaid contracts mandate solutions for both. Let Samaritan help.

Your organization is passionate about improving the health factors of our communities, especially for those who are most vulnerable.

Housing instability and other unmet social needs degrade the health of many of your members, at times involving exposure to the outbreaks, to addictive substances, to abusive relationships, or a lack of sleep, food, transportation, or emotional wellbeing.

Collectively, these factors lead to chronic ED visits, hospitalizations, and reduced life expectancy.

You’re aware of this critical opportunity to address the social determinants, and have partnered or are looking to partner with community-based nonprofits and vendors to this end.

We put the ability to manage the social determinants into the hands of the person themselves. Samaritan Members engage, stay engaged, and take action steps to reach their own housing, income and health goals.

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Beacon Holder
Thanks so much for all you do. It truly does make an impact in my life as well as others.
Program Manager, REST
A former client recently shared that what she needed most was people to believe in her. Truly, Samaritan met this need.
Janice W
Beacon Holder
You're bringing the human side back into my life, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.
[The beacon] represented a feeling of normalcy, and that, to me, was the single most important thing about the beacon, just how it changed my outlook on the situation I was in.
Marys place
Goodwill seattle
Grocery outlet
St vincent de paul
King county metro
Millionair club charity
Outdoor emporium
Pike market senior center
Street bean coffee belltown
Union gospel mission
Army navy surplus
La bodega
Lane powell

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