for a person in need

Have a team of supporters to help keep you moving forward and money to help you meet your needs.

more than a smart wallet.

Samaritan connects you to more than just the financial resources you need. Samaritan enables you to set goals around your housing and health, and also connects you to a team of supporters to help you meet these goals.

our seattle pilot results:

People and organizations who have signed up to give to members.

our seattle pilot results:


Members who reported improving an area of their life.

our seattle pilot results:


Members who got into housing, employment, etc. through their Samaritan Smart Wallet.

your story matters.

When you don't have a home, it can be hard to find what you need to move forward. Maybe "no" is the most common word you hear on any given day. Perhaps you see people pretending you don't exist or that they're too busy to lend a hand.

We are truly, truly sorry.

there are 14,613 samaritans in seattle

(and many more around the country) who want to help share this burden with you. Everyone needs a team. If you could use one, ask a care provider you know about helping you sign up for Samaritan.

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let's talk about getting this resource to people in your community.


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Emily Ishiki REST Community Advocate
It gives my clients the ability to care for their own needs with dignity, honor, and gratitude.
Jason K Samaritan App User
I am convinced Samaritan is a great tool for teaching my kids (who ask often about homelessness) generosity and empathy.
Janice W Beacon Holder
You're bringing the human side back into my life, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

Learn this person's story by searching their &handle in the Samaritan app.

Jamie Winship Samaritan App User
This is for my transformation, not theirs. And then along the way, I can help.
Marys place
Goodwill seattle
Grocery outlet
St vincent de paul
King county metro
Millionair club charity
Outdoor emporium
Pike market senior center
Street bean coffee belltown
Union gospel mission
Army navy surplus
La bodega
Lane powell

Want to help? Whether you’re a church, company, or local merchant, there’s a way to invest in our unsheltered.