for merchants

Offer a flexible way to pay for critical goods & services to help community members advance their lives.

local merchants use samaritan to serve critical populations exiting homelessness and the communities supporting them.

Grab the Samaritan Point-of-Sale app

use samaritan to...

rally customers to support a neighbor in your community through purchase-roundup or percentage-donation compaigns. (We'll send whatever materials you need.)

use samaritan to...

serve new customers through their Samaritan smart wallet. (you'll get checks from us monthly for 100% of purchases with ZERO fees or extra reporting.)

use samaritan to...

enable customers to donate general funds that can be redeemed by any guest in need(the suspended coffee model.)

use samaritan to...

receive awareness and patronage from organizations and supporters of the people you're serving (10 organizations and 14,000 volunteers involved in Seattle.)

the everyday resources you provide can help people find their way home.

Your business cares about and may be serving residents who pass through your city without a home. Local nonprofits are using Samaritan to provide the capital needed for these individuals to leave the street.

we'd love for you to help raise awareness for these neighbors, or allow them to spend at your business.

We understand margins for local businesses are narrow and charge zero commissions or fees for purchases that happen through Samaritan.

in this time of social and physical isolation, your partnership goes a long way...

to help people take steps towards life-changing goals.

help how you're able. the rest will take care of itself.

Because when the rest of us do the same for a neighbor, their problem of homelessness goes away.

Request a free account on the Samaritan POS app

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let's talk about getting this resource to people in your community.


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Salvation Army Director of Outreach Ministries, Salvation Army
In my 12 years working with unhoused individuals, I’ve never seen barriers reduced for community involvement like this. This is truly one of the most innovative engagement tools I’ve seen.
Michael Michael
[The beacon] represented a feeling of normalcy, and that, to me, was the single most important thing about the beacon, just how it changed my outlook on the situation I was in.
Nicole S Now-Housed Beacon Holder
This is the first time in seven years people have seen me for who I am, not what I look like or come from.

Learn this person's story by searching their &handle in the Samaritan app.

Compass Housing Alliance Program Coordinator, Compass Housing Alliance
Each dollar straight to our clients reminds them that they are cared for and deeply appreciated. It goes a long way.
Marys place
Goodwill seattle
Grocery outlet
St vincent de paul
King county metro
Millionair club charity
Outdoor emporium
Pike market senior center
Street bean coffee belltown
Union gospel mission
Army navy surplus
La bodega
Lane powell

Want to help? Whether you’re a church, company, or local merchant, there’s a way to invest in our unsheltered.