for corporate & faith groups

Mobilize your team to help people without a home in your city.

the impact cuts both ways.

Corporate, faith, and volunteer groups use Samaritan to empower their communities to help people access the social and financial capital needed to find a home.

use samaritan to...

rally your team around one or more individuals at an evidence-based $80/month, bcaking them with encouragement and support until housing or health goals are reached.

use samaritan to...

get engagement rolling through a Seed Gift that's given to your team to cover their first $10 or $20 investment.

use samaritan to...

match your team's contributions to a sponsored neighbor, or open it up with a city-wide match with several brand placements.

use samaritan to...

give to a single Goal Fund that all individuals receive from based on positive action steps they complete with a care provider.

use samaritan to...

sponsor new Samaritan smart wallets for a local care provider to reach people close to your community or business. Volunteer to help people sign up for Samaritan.

your team confronts it weekly, or even daily.

As they read the news in this time or travel the city, they'll be reminded how vulnerable some of our unhoused neighbors truly are. Kindness yields unexpected health and self-improvement benefits*.

but what can be done here? what can your team do?

We've seen that when we surround a person with social and financial capital, it helps accelerate their path to a permanent, supportive home. A social home- followed by the physical home.

use samaritan to engage your community in in this process and reinforce the efforts of a local care provider.

Whether it's your employees, partners, clients, congregants, or community group.

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let's talk about getting this resource to people in your community.


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David W Samaritan App User
This is an amazing model because it provides two critical components for an individual: real capital and social capital. Both are truly needed.
Lamar J Beacon Holder
Even when I don’t have faith in myself, or feel I can’t make it, this just gives me a extra… oomph.

Learn this person's story by searching their &handle in the Samaritan app.

Rest Program Manager, REST
A former client recently shared that what she needed most was people to believe in her. Truly, Samaritan met this need.
Jason K Samaritan App User
I am convinced Samaritan is a great tool for teaching my kids (who ask often about homelessness) generosity and empathy.
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Want to help? Whether you’re a church, company, or local merchant, there’s a way to invest in our unsheltered.