Life Story

I became homeless in 2004. I was living with my mom and stepdad in Granger, but my mom had a severe drug addiction. Because I loved her I tried to support her and her condition, but when my stepdad found out he kicked me out of the house. I've been homeless for 12 years now.

I have several medical conditions which inhibit me from working full time, but I love playing musical instruments, reading books and loving other people. I've applied for housing everywhere but it's like the echo of a dark void...resonating silence.

I'm working to get a part-time job in retail, quick service, coffee etc. I really could use a chance and hope to work with people.

"Don't judge someone by how they look like and dress, get to know them. Anyone who has been homeless can tell you a little bit about something."


  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Cook
21 Apr

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    Goal: Keep connected with my case manager Action step: Meet with my case manager
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    Goal: Record client progress Action step: Complete Social Determinant of Health survey


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