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meet immediate needs, be part of life-changing outcomes in your community
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take part in a person's
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all it takes is one act of kindness a month to help someone rebuild the world around them

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be part of someone’s team, and over time, how they endure to reach safe housing

give directly to meet immediate & strategic needs

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inspire action from the person you're investing in, as well as from your friends & family

grow deeper contentment around what you have and what you can give

walk with people, not by them

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help members find a
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restore hope and help
rebuild self-sufficiency



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to enter housing

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of members overcome
key barriers
to housing

Hear the impact samaritans like you can have

You are a samaritan

One act of kindness a month. It may not seem like much, but that’s all it takes. Because when someone has 30 people on their team, that’s one smile a day that can help keep someone alive.

In this time of social and physical isolation, you’d be surprised how simple acts of kindness can go a long way to help people reach life-changing goals. We’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

Our data shows that most Samaritan Members statistically improve their quality of life when they’re able to access ≥$50/month from a team of ≥5 samaritans for ≥6 months.

How can so little go so far?

Because it’s not just money that people lack.

It’s a team of believers; a social home of people who can strengthen someone’s fight to stay afloat. It is a lack of neighbors—a social poverty—most commonly leads people to the street to begin with.

So what could this monthly act of kindness be for you?

It could be giving $10/month towards their goals; it could be sending a message of encouragement or opportunity; it could be dropping a needed item at a tent city or at an organization; it could be bringing the person on for a gig like gardening or playing music at an event; it could simply be inviting others to join the person’s team. Give where you’re gifted. The rest will take care of itself.

Would you join the team of a Samaritan Member today? We’d love to have you.

Now-Housed Beacon Holder
Sometimes, you can feel really invisible and it can kind of feel a lot of times like there's no help out there. It was just nice to have people be like 'Yea, we really want to help.'
Michael M
Now-Housed Beacon Holder
I can't forget how fragile my situation was. Support from city samaritans is how I kept myself pointed in the right direction.
Beacon Holder
Thanks so much for all you do. It truly does make an impact in my life as well as others.
Lamar J
Beacon Holder
Even when I don’t have faith in myself, or feel I can’t make it, this just gives me a extra… oomph.

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