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for corporate &
faith groups

engage your community, and your city, in ways that help people find homes
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mobilize your community to
help people without a home

corporate, faith, and volunteer groups use Samaritan to help people access the social and financial support needed to leave the street

Use Samaritan to…

Rally your team around one or
more Samaritan Members at an evidence-based $80/month

(backing them with encouragement & support until they reach a housing or life goal)

Inspire generosity through a Seed Gift that covers your team’s first $10 or $20 gift


sponsor a city-wide match and receive several special placements

give to an Action Fund that samaritan members receive from as they take action towards their goals

host virtual or in-person Samaritan Feasts or lunch n’ learns to go deeper with Samaritan Members in your community

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help members find a
social & physical home




samaritans like you
signed up to volunteer

restore hope and help
rebuild self-sufficiency



given and used
to enter housing

let's get you




of members overcome
key barriers
to housing

Hear the impact samaritans like you can have

As your team starts to travel
your city again…

They’ll be reminded how vulnerable some of our unhoused neighbors truly are. Kindness yields unexpected health and self-improvement benefits. But what can be done here? What can your team do?

We’ve seen that when we surround a person with social and financial capital, it helps accelerate their path to a permanent, supportive home. A social homefollowed by the physical home.

Use Samaritan to invite employees (or congregants, members, partners, clients, etc.) into this process, reinforcing the efforts of local nonprofits.

We’ll bring simple, tangible opportunities to strengthen someone’s fight to leave the street (plus reportable data). You bring the crew.

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Nicole S
Now-Housed Beacon Holder
This is the first time in seven years people have seen me for who I am, not what I look like or come from.
Emily Ishiki
REST Community Advocate
It gives my clients the ability to care for their own needs with dignity, honor, and gratitude.
Zaneta R
former Day Center Coordinator, Mary’s Place
Most of the time, homeless people are ignored. Months and months go by and no one says their name. This app stops that.
Jamie Winship
Samaritan App User
This is for my transformation, not theirs. And then along the way, I can help.
Marys place
Goodwill seattle
Grocery outlet
St vincent de paul
King county metro
Millionair club charity
Outdoor emporium
Pike market senior center
Street bean coffee belltown
Union gospel mission
Army navy surplus
La bodega
Lane powell

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