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for a person
in need

money to help you meet needs, a team of supporters to help you move forward
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You are loved and
valued beyond measure

samaritan enables you to set goals around your housing and health, and then access a team of supporters to help you meet those goals

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Become a Samaritan Member with a care provider, sharing your goals and what you need to reach them

Access support from a team of people who want to help, and earn bonuses as you take action towards your goals

Use your Samaritan smart wallet to store critical documents

(such as work permits, licenses, social security cards, etc.)

build the support you need to successfully find housing, work, recovery or another goal

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Samaritan Members

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members who’ve reached housing,
employment or other goals

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you matter deeply

When you don’t have a home, it can be hard to find what you need to move forward. Maybe "No" is the most common word you hear in a given day. Perhaps you see people pretending you don’t exist, or that they’re too busy to lend a hand.

We are truly, truly sorry.

There are 15,210 samaritans in Seattle
who want to help share your burden

Everyone needs a team. If you could use one, ask a care provider you know about helping you sign up for Samaritan.

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Salvation Army
Director of Outreach Ministries, Salvation Army
In my 12 years working with unhoused individuals, I’ve never seen barriers reduced for community involvement like this. This is truly one of the most innovative engagement tools I’ve seen.
Program Manager, REST
A former client recently shared that what she needed most was people to believe in her. Truly, Samaritan met this need.
Janice W
Beacon Holder
You're bringing the human side back into my life, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.
Jason K
Samaritan App User
I am convinced Samaritan is a great tool for teaching my kids (who ask often about homelessness) generosity and empathy.

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