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Have a team of supporters to help keep you moving forward and provide money to help you meet your needs.
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You are loved and
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samaritan enables you to set goals around your housing and health, and then access a team of supporters to help you meet those goals.

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Become a Samaritan Member with a care provider, sharing your goals and what you need to reach them

Access support from a team of people who want to help, and earn bonuses as you take action towards your goals

Use your Samaritan smart wallet to store critical documents

(Such as work permits, licenses, social security cards, etc.)

Build the support you need to successfully find housing, employment, recovery, or reach other goals

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samaritans want to help you find a social and physical home




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restore quality of life
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Your story matters

When you don’t have a home, it can be hard to find what you need to move forward. Maybe "No" is the most common word you hear in a given day. Perhaps you see people pretending you don’t exist, or that they’re too busy to lend a hand.

We are truly, truly sorry.

There are 12,210 samaritans in Seattle who want to help share your burden

Everyone needs a team. If you could use one, ask a care provider you know about helping you sign up for Samaritan.

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Now-Housed Beacon Holder
The beacon is really a healthy way of telling your story. [A donation] truly always came when I needed it.
Beacon Holder
Thanks so much for all you do. It truly does make an impact in my life as well as others.
David W
Samaritan App User
This is an amazing model because it provides two critical components for an individual: real capital and social capital. Both are truly needed.
Heidi Miller
Beacon Holder
This is another lifeline. It’s awesome. Makes me feel almost normal again. Like part of the human race almost.
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St vincent de paul
King county metro
Millionair club charity
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Pike market senior center
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Union gospel mission
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Lane powell

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