for the houseless

Share your burden with people who want to help.

You are loved and deserve to be heard. A beacon lets good samaritans learn about your story and give to you. Spend the money on what you need to survive or leave the streets.

how it works

  • intake

    Share your story with one of our nonprofit friends to
    receive a free beacon.

  • App User Reads Story

    Good samaritans passing by with our app will learn
    your story and give to your beacon.

  • Redemption at Merchant Partners

    Spend the money from your beacon at any partnered
    merchant or with a nonprofit counselor.

    Where Can I Use My Beacon?
  • Check-Ins

    Meet monthly with a counselor to keep your beacon
    active, plan your month ahead, and access even
    greater opportunities.

you are not invisible.

When you don’t have a home, it can be hard to ask for help you need. Maybe "No" is the most common word you hear in a given day. Perhaps you see people pretending you don’t exist, or that they’re too busy to lend a hand.

We are truly, truly sorry.

There are 14787 Seattleites now who downloaded our app just to meet people like you. These good samaritans want to share the burden of homelessness with you, and get you what you need to find your way home. Help is something everyone deserves.

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