for beacon holders

the Samaritan Beacon is a way for you to ask
for help, without asking

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  • Beacon

    visit one of our non-profit partners to get a
    beacon and set up your profile

  • Beacon Notifies Users

    your beacon sends a message to the phone of a
    passing samaritan who is looking to help

  • App User Reads Story

    they’ll read your story and they’ll understand,
    just a little bit, about who you are. and they can
    donate with a simple tap

  • Redemption at Merchant Partners

    you can redeem contributions at our merchant partners for things that you need

    Where Can I Use My Beacon?
  • Check-Ins with Counselor

    check in once per month with a counselor at one of our non-profit partners to keep your beacon active and get connected to resources you need

    Helpful Info About Check-ins
  • Beacon Holder Success

    these financial contributions and valuable relationships can help you on your way back home

when you don’t have a home, it can be hard to ask for - and get - the help you need.

people can pretend not to hear you, or be too busy to stop and lend a hand. they can be suspicious, or simply act like you don’t exist.

but help is something everyone needs.