for citygoers

invest directly and with clarity into someone struggling through homelessness

If you're reading this, you already want to make a difference. Use Samaritan to directly fund critical needs and help individuals into relationships with nonprofit counselors.

how it works

  • Witnessing Homelessness

    Have you ever wanted to do something but felt
    unsure how?

    "i don't have time."

    "i don't have cash."

    "will cash help?"

  • App User Reads Story

    The samaritan app sends you a notification when
    you're close to a beacon holder. You can learn of
    their story and give towards critical needs.

  • Redemption at Merchant Partners

    The person can use your giving with any
    partnered store or nonprofit to buy what
    they need to survive or leave the streets.

    Where Can the Beacon Be Used?
  • Check Ins

    Beacon holders meet monthly with a counselor to
    discuss the last month, plans for the month ahead,
    and a path to getting there.

  • Beacon Holder Success

    Good things happen when we're in good
    relationships, from housing to job trainings to
    addiction recovery. Financial
    resources plus relational guidance can lead to
    incredible outcomes.

Heidi Miller Now-Housed Beacon Holder
This is another lifeline. It’s awesome. Makes me feel almost normal again. Like part of the human race almost.
Jamie Winship Samaritan App User
This is for my transformation, not theirs. And then along the way, I can help.
Danielle Montrose Pike Market Senior Center Social Services and Member Resource Coordinator
[This is] reminding a marginalized people group that they are dearly loved by their neighbors.
Michael C Now-Housed Beacon Holder
People decide for us what we need all the time. We know what we need. The beacon makes us a little more independent.

Learn this person's story by searching their &handle in the Samaritan app.

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Goodwill seattle
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St vincent de paul
King county metro
Millionair club charity
Outdoor emporium
Pike market senior center
Street bean coffee belltown
Union gospel mission
Army navy surplus
La bodega
Lane powell

Want to help? Whether you’re a church, company, or local merchant, there’s a way to invest in our unsheltered.

you are a samaritan

In October of 2015, I watched a man beg for twenty minutes as not a single car opened a window for him. He stood there painfully, seeking diabetes medication for his feet after recently ending up on the street.

Many urban citygoers continually confront homelessness. We are caught without time, cash in hand, or wherewithal on if cash will help. “I want to help. I’m unsure how.” These and other barriers lead to the easiest response: do nothing.

And so, individuals without shelter are told hundreds of times an hour that they don’t exist. This invisibility—this relational poverty—can create mental illness. And it costs our city dearly.

But here’s the good news: we outnumber them. There’s hundreds of thousands more Seattleites with housing and resources than there are without. It may not feel tangible how you can change the outcome of someone on the street; imagine you and 19 friends teaming up to take care of that person’s needs. Samaritan exists precisely to provide this response.

When you learn someone’s story and choose to invest in their life, the person can spend your money at partnered, helpful businesses or through a nonprofit counselor. Redemptions include warm clothing, fresh produce, a good haircut and more.

Each month, the beacon holder has the opportunity and responsibility to meet with a counselor to keep their beacon active. The counselor helps them gauge progress, develop spending plans, and access new opportunities. These touchpoints have resulted in transformational referrals, employment, and even housing.

We don’t own any apartment buildings or shelters. And so if we can’t guarantee everyone a physical house yet, we’ll begin by providing anyone a social home. It’s not about “changing the world”; it’s about changing someone’s world, right now. And that’s a start.